Welcome to the website of the Nuclear Supply Chain Partnership

The Nuclear Supply Chain Partnership (NSCP) is an SME led business service that will work in partnership with industry, Government and other supply chain bodies, to maximise opportunities for smaller UK suppliers.

The Partnership will provide a networking forum for member companies to share experience, collaborate on new business opportunities where appropriate and showcase UK capability to the developers and their partners seeking to deliver new build projects.

The Partnership will be made up of members who have demonstrated a real aptitude to provide goods and services to the nuclear sector – evidenced through their enrolment and progress through Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Centre’s ‘Fit4Nuclear’ programme.

Core activities of the partnership will be*:

  • Ensuring Partnership member capabilities are visible and presented to the developers supply chain.
  • Contributing information on forthcoming market opportunities where Partner members could provide a competitive offering.
  • Providing a forum for developers/buyers to make clear their required codes and standards which will be applied to a project and update on the relevant routes to market.
  • Developing relationships with companies already established in the developers’ and reactor vendors’ supply chains.
  • Providing advice on the support available from Government and industry organisations.
  • A network for suppliers to exchange and share knowledge with each other.
  • Partnerships, relationships and MOUs will be established with organisations from overseas as necessary to help promote opportunities for UK suppliers.

*Additional activities of the partnership may be defined as the group develops

Membership of the Group:

  • Members of the Partnership must have completed and submitted an on-line assessment with NAMRC F4N in order to join the Partnership.
  • Membership is initially focused on those engaged in UK manufacturing activities.

The Partnership will organise events and disseminate information to inform its members of upcoming requirements, timelines for the developers and opportunities with their supply chain. It will not work in isolation and will complement other supply chain development activities.

The partnership will identify assistance that is available and will guide SMEs to sources of support and the principle contacts where possible. Where necessary, it will help to inform these programmes on the needs of SMEs and will also identify opportunities for other interventions where there are gaps. These interventions may be by clients, industry organisations or Government.

The partnership will establish a Steering Group comprised of SMEs, developers and relevant Government bodies. A regular update on the partnership will be given to those UK nuclear owners/clients and relevant government bodies that actively support the evolution of the partnership by signing on to the Charter.

Members are expected to support the steering group in the development of the initiative.

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